Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hai bro

hai broooo u knw wht?!?!?!?!
it's already 1.15 here.
and i'm still awake, for no reason.......
uhum, biasanya duluuuuu jam segini aku sm simo msh belajar bareng gitcu sweet ya bwakakakakaka

by the way.....
it's 120511, it means.....
4 days more to 16 wuhuuuuu :333333

okay, hv no idea wht i'm suppose to write ;_;
u knw wht?!?!?!?! i've already done my national exam?!?!?!?!?
and here it is, what i'm waiting for.....
HOLIDAY ƪ(◦'⌣'◦ )ʃ
and last week i went to pacet, Kasumi Restaurant, which was sooooooo cool!
here is some photos

ini dimas bro, my cousin gitcu

cool kaaaan, but the place was soooooo nyelempit. u have to muter2 dulu br nyampe.

u know wht?!?!?!? now it's 2.33 am.
i need 1 hour 30 minutes to write this post wehehehehe

oke i hv to end up this post, i hv togoto sleep. bye!

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