Thursday, November 4, 2010


hey.. i'm back cause i have nothing to do...

when i opened this (, that animal like a whale or something and that suck sentence make me write in this blog.... again -_-

and now... what am i going to write? i don't know..

i just confused with peoples around me.. why do peoples hate their self?

just because broke up with their bf, or their gf ..

they said they better dies..

please ya, life isn't just about love or boy or girl or that stuff!

you can explore your life, enjoy your life and make your life useful for everyone arounds you!

if the boy or the girl that you love don't love you anymore, or they leave you with no reason then why don't you leave them like they do to you? it's fair, isn't it? 

yes i know how it feel like loving someone, yes i love someone too, but.... i'm not fanatic, if he dont love me anymore, and he leaves me with no reason... i'll try to forget him and.... i'll never say 'i better die' oh please.. i hate that sentence very much ;__;

no offense....

oke, nggak ngerti deh mau ngmg apa lagi, lagian twitter udh gak over capacity :D bye :)

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