Friday, January 20, 2012


bwehehehe. waktu pelajaran bahasa indonesia adalah waktu yang mentolo tak skip skip skip skip skip. dan, akhirnya nggambar2 gj dan.....

yang ini anak anak nulis nulis gitu buat aku:">:">


diandra: dosi <3 yanti. bwehehehehe plis ndrak, serius aku oleh love dosi? =)))))
karina: i'll love you for a thousan more. kar, iku lagu
aldi: good morning, now it's time to shine. it's nice to see that you've been there for a while. what can i do to make you mine... ah aldiiiiii:"> :)))))))
diandra maneh: we're built to last, best!  yes we are ndrak!!!!
karina maneh: KON ANCEN TELI YAN. you are the teli-est person in the entire world:">. yes iam. and yes you too kar :">
ajeng: we're not really sisters. but we're sisters of the heart. the wonderful things we've done.. that make the friendship we share a very special one :) just let me say.... You Are The Most Precious Thing I Have :*({}). so sweet jeng!!!!:">
iqbal: you dont even have to try, you already my number one:">. bwahahahaha kon ancen jago gombal btw
gongki, tp iqbal-_-: still everyday i think about you, i know for a fact it's not your problem. bal, kon curhat abissssss-_-

bener bener yaaaaaa mereka:">:">:">:">

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