Wednesday, April 25, 2012


so i watched this film two weeks ago. this film named 'Hello Ghost'. Korea's film. this was the second film that successfully made me cryyyyyyyyyy after My Name Is Khan. you know, i've watched hundreds or maybe more than hundreds of films. but this film is different, it really is. This film is not like what you think when you heard the title, it's not about shitty ghost that made you scream or whatever. this is a comedy film, on the front part. you'll laugh your ass off on the front part and cry like a fucking crybaby!!! on the end of the film. could you imagine? how you laugh on the front part and cry on the end of the film? it's like you dont even expect that this film is going to be a mellow drama film!! This film is told us to be grateful cause everybody you love, even when they've died will always be on your side.

so, the story of this film is.. there was a boy who was tired of being alone, and he tried to suicide several times but he always survive somehow. and the last time he tried to suicide was he drank soooo many pills (or maybe he jumped to the river, i forgot._.v) but like I said before, he always survive somehow:)) but this time he woke up on the hospital and started to see ghosts. this ghosts are following him every where he go! and then............. the real story begins;;) watch it yourself guys!


nah, they are the ghosts!

P.S: i've told you before, this is not that kind of horror film. this is a drama comedy film, enjoy!

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