Friday, July 27, 2012

random thought..

I don't even know how to describe this kind of feeling. All i can say is.. it's definitely wrong. But i don't have any strength to kill it.. Or maybe I just dont want to.. even this feeling killing me..

It's like there's a well full of water in the middle of desert..
i want to go to this well but i'm not sure if it's real or just fatamorgana..
It's like i finally found something interesting on my boredom.. but boredom its self is my job..
No matter how i want to take this interesting thing, i'm not allowed to take that while i was on my job..
should i go to this well? even i have to leave my comfortzone? but what if the well is just fatamorgana? and when i came back, my comfortzone have lost? but i'm thirsty... what should i do?
should i take this interesting thing? even if i have to quit the job? but what if it's just 'seems' interesting?

Dont blame me for being this confused.. i just............... wanna try something new, maybe?

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